What is RE:SS3D?

Yet another Space Station 13 remake, but we added another dimension to this one. More info on our about page.

What SS13 codebase are you following?

We are mostly following a simplified TG core, but we are taking some influence from all SS13 codebases.

Is it top-down view still or will first person be an option and if so will VR be an option?

It’s still top-down. We do not plan to implement first person or VR. Although it shouldn’t be too difficult for another future server or codebase to make the switch to first-person/VR.

How much will the game cost?

It’s free and open source.

Is there a playable demo?

Download links can be found on our SS3D github repo. But don’t expect much yet, as we still have a lot of work to do.

When will the game be completed?

The game likely won’t be to the playable state SS13 has for a few years.

What engine does it use?

The game is made with Unity, with Mirror for networking. For legal reasons, we don’t use assets from the Unity Asset Store, but open-source assets are fine.

What license is the project distributed under?

All code assets use the MIT license, only requiring attribution when used. All art assets use the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, requiring attribution, same license, and only for non-commercial uses. Keep in mind that your contributions are not retractable. Once submitted, the project has the license to use your contribution indefinitely.

Will there be “X” feature?

Since the project is open source, if we don’t add it, you’ll be free to add it yourself. We do however aim to port over the more basic version of the game (SS13) at least initially, and more content can be added later by other people or servers. The most significant changes will be redesigns of the shortcomings and limitations of SS13 and its engine.

How can I help?

There are several ways you can help, from 2d art, 3d art, sfx, programming, website development and more, just visit our contribute page and come join our discord!

Who is *beep?

*beep is the original creator of SS3D, hence the name RE:SS3D. For more info on his tale check out our about page. His current status and whereabouts are still unknown. If only he had turned his damn suit sensors on…