RE: Space Station 3D

A 3D recreation of Space Station 13

What is this?

RE:SS3D is a recreation of *beep’s SS3D (a 3D recreation of Space Station 13). If you go digging for SS3D, you might find bits and pieces, but you will ultimately find a trail that ends in silence. Here’s the short story:

video re-uploaded by Injazz

One day in early 2018, an individual by the name of *beep decided to create a game called SS3D, based upon a small prior made “demo” (video embed above) that had been well-received. *beep was brilliant, and for those few beautiful, wonderful months of early 2018, *beep made leaps of progress faster than any remake before, and for some short time, the dream of SS3D was certain and inevitable.

One day during that early development of SS3D, *beep vanished without a word. No files were left behind bar a .blend and a .pdf, and though *beep had been intending to release the game open source, all of the development of the game at this point had still been private, and was lost completely. Many were appalled by this tragedy, some were content to continue waiting for *beep’s return, a few handfuls chased after the ghost of *beep, searching every trail for any clue of what happened or where *beep went, but always found nothing. Eventually, several months later, a message came from the hands of one who was once beneath *beep: “it’s dead,” and “I’m sorry.” Suddenly and with little to no notice, almost every memory of communications regarding the project was neatly tidied up and packaged for prosperity, and all the rest was deleted or left to deliberate anarchy.

In the ashes immediately following the abandonment of the project to the horribly transient nature of anarchy, a suggestion was formed that some should take up the mantle and continue the project. A modest amount of support was garnered, and very quickly a very crude team was thrown together. The new project was named “RE:SS3D.”

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