How to contribute:

There are 2 primary ways you can contribute;

Donation Links

(or send directly to: “”)



If you’re a programmer, 2D artist, 3D modeler, musician, programmer, animator, soundcloud rapper, or especially a programmer, we need you!

To start on any of these, read the appropriate sections below which contains links to guides and task boards for those contribution types. Once you have a task in mind, contact a council member on our Discord.

The game itself is being developed in the Unity game engine. You can find what version of Unity we use and instructions on setting up our project on our developer guide.

Our GitHub organization has 3 repositories.

For any other questions, concerns, or unsolicited advice, just ask around on the discord and someone will likely help you out.

Coding tasks:

Start by familiarizing yourself with our C# style guide, and the rest of our developer guide.

Feel free to help on any of our 3 repositories as they could all use your help, but since most of you are here to help with the game itself, visit the SS3D Issues page and use the labels to help find a task you are interested in.

3D modeling tasks:

Start by downloading our Modeler’s Kit v2.0 folder, and make sure to read the “SS3D Style Guide.pdf” and “SS3D Model Format Guide.pdf” files contained within.

Then visit our models board for general models and the rig models board for models related to rigging (characters, clothes, vehicles, etc.)

We recommend using Blender v2.8 (or newer) as it’s free and open-source, thus it’s easily accessible by most people, and as a result our modeler’s kit is mostly designed for use with Blender.

Animation tasks:

Start by deciding on a task from our animations board. If it’s related to the character rig, we have a Character Animation Kit v1.5 but it’s currently only set up for Maya users, although you can use Blender to animate too.

2D art tasks:

We currently do not have any guides for 2D art, but you can visit our 2D board to find a task to work on.

Sound tasks:

We currently do not have any guides for SFX, but if you want to scream like a psychopath or fart into a microphone, check out our sfx board.


Technical contributions are submitted to our game repo via pull request.

Art contributions currently are submitted via the art channels in our Discord server.


This project and its code fall under the MIT license.

All asset contributions fall under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.