RE: Space Station 3D

A 3D recreation of Space Station 13

This page is dedicated as a reference for RE:SS3D contributors.

If you came to this page purely to reference hyperlinks, cheers, they’re at the top of the page, just for you.

Model list Mk. IV

Model formatting guide

Rig formatting guide

*beep style guide


Separate from this short list is the Modeller’s Kit v1.3 which includes all of the above and more.

Now for context:

A little bit about the history of SS3D, before we start. Once upon a time, in early twenty-eighteen, a brilliant soul by the name of *beep decided to make a game called SS3D. *beep had incredible foresight, and every design decision made had clearly been thoroughly thought-through. One day, *beep went silent, and was never heard from again.

For the relevancy of this article, there were two things *beep left behind that stood for the cornerstones of our artistic design: *beep style guide, which highlights details of model creation and artistic design; and Items18-2-22, a file containing several example models.

For individuals contributing to the project, reading the style guide is essential.

Since *beep left us with a job half-finished, we’ve had to fill in with our own documentation resources. Presently, this documentation consists of the Model formatting guide and the Rig formatting guide, the latter of which is mostly intended to be used with assets and materials inside the Modeller’s kit.

For coloration models, a liberal use of UV mapping from palettes is used. The palette is designed so that it only explicitly needs to change when it is reconfigured, but not when updated with more colors. Color additions to the palette are made only as permitted by RE:SS3D leadership. At the present moment, there are three versions of the palette, Palette01, Palette03, and Palette05. Only use the most up-to-date version of the Palette, the other versions are for outdated models.


When contributing, one will obviously want to avoid creating assets that have already been created by another individual. For that purpose, individuals will want to consult the Model list Mk. IV to see what models have or have not been completed.