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24.01-03: 2024 1st Quarter Devblog

Saturday, April 13, 2024
Written by: CosmicCoincidence


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"The scientist discovers a new type of material and the engineer discovers a new use for it."

-- Gordon Lindsay Glegg

Q1 Recap

This quarter saw a few new contributors, a rework to the application initialization, a return of the chat system, and more progress on the never-ending bug infestation! We also have some fun stuff in the works right now but that will be saved for another blog.


David-Goru, a new contributor, ported our old chat system from our outdated branch!

The system allows you to make new tabs that can be customized to certain channels. Tabs can be easily moved, deleted, separated, & merged. Something new is that the chat now works in the server lobby (OOC only).

Application Flow

John improved the flow of the application's initialization process. The new event-based process is more organized and easier to work with.




Sjerty (new contributor)

David-Goru (new contributor)

withwater (new contributor)


MilitantPanico (new contributor) contributed 2 faction bedsheets,

9 solid colored bedsheets (only 2 are displayed),

and 2 posters!


SmokingMan is back with the cover art this time!


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