Image credit: ProbablyNot

22.07-09: 2022 3rd Quarter Devblog

Monday, October 17, 2022
Written by: CosmicCoincidence

SS3D Build: v0.3.95o

"The pain you feel today will be the profit we earn tomorrow."

-- Nanotrasen CEO

Q3 Recap

We continue to cheer on John from our padded recliners as he slogs away at the rework, hoping that he may find solid footing in the wastewater run-offs of the derelict constructions of our past, to one day set the foundation of our future.


As you know we've been undergoing a major rework of our technical foundation, which is being spearheaded by John. He's been slowly porting over some systems while reworking others. This quarter he rebuilt the Lobby UI making it neater and more user-friendly. Note that it still isn't featureful yet.

The round system has seen improvements by John recently as well. First he ported over our current basic implementation and changed the netwroking from Mirror to FishNet. Also, Users can now set/cancel a readiness state before the start of a round. Admins can now cancel the startup phase of a round. When the startup phase completes and the round begins, only the ready players are spawned. The player and camera movements have been ported over now. Lastly, the mechanics of the underlying entity you control (the soul) is in place and can change between mobs it controls mid-round as seen in this rudimentary test below.





After a hiatus of contribution, Hummus blessed us with a new in-game poster texture referencing my favorite 90s Sci-Fi, Stargate-SG1.


A new contributor this quarter, Danny made these wonderful potted plants and some growable plump helmet shrooms!

StaBre, who is also new this quarter, contributed a medical crutch and an expanding trash bag for the janitor!


This is basically ProbablyNot's meaning in life now, to make SS3D blog cover art.

ProbablyNot also recently received an encoded signal coming through one of our bluespace time dilation devices. After decoding and isolating the message it appears to be an image taken from a Janiborg's perspective aboard an empty station, waiting for its crew.


Also, ProbablyNot updated our Character Animation Rig (V3.0) last quarter but I forgot to mention it. The new rig features foot roll, face controls, body shape controls, IK head, FK/IK switching, updated colors, character cosmetics, and includes a sample character file. Note that the rig is made in and for Maya, NOT blender like many of our other contributor kits.

Something something join our Discord and stay tuned for future updates from us!