Image credit: CosmicCoincidence

21.04: April 2021 Devblog

Thursday, May 6, 2021
Written by: CosmicCoincidence

SS3D Build: v0.3.95c

Surely everything happens for a reason, right?

April Recap

This month's technical contributions were fairly uneventful, currently we are in the process still of reworking the core system designs, and then implementing some of those systems, most notably the tilemap system.





Baga is back this month, contributing a welder, a cookie man, some handcuffs, a set of awesome syringe guns, and finally a collection of PDA cartridges.

Basecode starting making us a wall-mounted security camera, but someone how managed to combine it with our old IPC, creating a security IPC.

Cornelius also made a security camera, as well as a human heart, and several new facial hairstyles.

CosmicCoincidence improved upon an old ai core model and made several colorful face textures to go with it.


With an ai core to now test on, Konstantin3001 created this simple Shodan face texture to use on the ai core.

And when asked if he could produce some toony footprints, he promptly obliged.

He also scanned this picture of his butt for us... only kidding, but seriously this will be the image created when you scan your bare bottom on the photocopier.

CosmicCoincidence contributed models for a playing card and its box, as well as 2 full sets of card textures (one nantotrasen themed, one syndicate themed).


This month's dev blog art is also brought to you by the CosmicCoincidence, who couldn't decide how to finish his piece and thus made a couple final variations.


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