Image credit: Bug

21.02: February 2021 Devblog

Sunday, March 7, 2021
Written by: CosmicCoincidence

SS3D Build: v0.3.95

What is this, a zoo in space?

February Recap

Keep your arms and legs inside the space station at all times during your stay!

Optional Connections

BroodjeKipcorn added the much-needed feature of optional connections for things like pipes & wires. So now the user can decide when and in what direction these fixtures attach. Currently, this is only possible in the map editor but will be expanded to in-game once the functionality to interact with the fixtures is implemented.

Container UI

Goao was sick of looking at our old container UI, so he quickly whipped together a new one for us which includes a scroll wheel if the container is large and has many slots.


peeB, whose been an active member in our community since day 1 but a new contributor this month...




Another new contributor this month, Putski made this great ore crate.

Another new contributor, Cornelius, contributed many missing animals and other creatures for us this month!


One could argue that Bug went a little wild with this month's blog art.


First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has donated to the project over the last month! We have raised a little over $325 our first month, and every dollar is much appreciated! Look forward to hearing from us this next month on how these funds will be allocated for bounties (the health system will likely be one).

So stay tuned, and check out our Discord for more info.