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20.11: November 2020 Devblog

Tuesday, December 8, 2020
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SS3D Build: v0.3.92

The community we share brings us joy and robustness for years to come!

November Recap

Indeed we are still moving slow, but we haven't left. We have been entertaining some ideas on how to increase productivity again, so we will see what comes of that hopefully soon. Again, if you want to help, you are more than welcome to do so in whatever means you are willing, though we especially need people who can work with Unity.


John made several changes to our in-game 3D assets, mostly fixing some topology and color issues.


John also seems to be the only one who made any models this month. He a (back row, moving left to right) hand teleporter, pinpointer, syndicate camera bug, flash, atmospheric analyzer, (front row) mining analyzer, hydroponics analyzer, medical analyzer, slime analyzer, & finally a newly styled multitool.


This month's art is brought to us by Bug!


These last few months have indeed been slow, but they seem slower than they actually are. We have things that are slowly in the works, but we do not post that progress here, we only display implemented progress in these updates. So...

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See you back next month!