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20.08: August 2020 Devblog

Monday, September 7, 2020
Written by: ProbablyNot, CosmicCoincidence

SS3D Build: v0.3.8

Since when was a Nanotransen employee able to afford a house?

August Recap

I promise you that we are still alive... Probably.

UI Rework

A UI rework has been much needed for a long time and Goao did just that, making it much prettier than before. He also added a new intent cycler and targeting doll. Currently, you can swap between 'help' and 'harm' intents as well as select a targeting location on the target doll, but it's just for show for now as they do not have an underlying functionality yet.

Atmospheric Pipe Machinery

In addition to all our previous atmos-related progress, BroodjeKipcorn has expanded on our pipe atmos system and introduced a few more functions (and their related machinery). Before, the atmos system could only handle 1 layer of pipes with the only working machine pieces being valves and pumps. Now, the atmos system can handle ALL 4 of our atmos pipe layers, these layers can be connected together via layer manifolds, as well as new functionality for filters, scrubbers, and ventilators.

Currently, the scrubbers are default set to 'scrub' and only scrub CO2, they can be changed to 'siphon' which will suck in all gas types. The vents can be set to either 'internal' or 'external' which will change the vent's targetting pressure to either be based upon the internal pressure of the pipe or external pressure (the room), by default it is set to external with a target pressure of 101.3 for standard atmospheric pressure in the station. For now, the interactions for the scrubbers and vents are done right on the part itself as we do not have the air alarms functional yet.

CO2 being scrubbed from a room
CO2 moving through a pipe, passing through a 4-way pipe manifold, and splitting into 4 different pipes each on different layers




Konstatin made some snazzy icons for the thermometer in extreme temperatures, player intent, and various types of body damages. Check em’ out.


While the previous month may have been excruciatingly slow, we are not going anywhere. Here is to a more active September.

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