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20.07: July 2020 Devblog

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Written by: CosmicCoincidence

SS3D Build: v0.3.7

As they were meeting, the clown took the pie, licked it; then threw it at the crew, and exclaimed, 'HONK ye all'!

July Recap

A little slower this month, but we are still here...

Tilemap Layer Restrictions

BroodjeKipcorn spent more time this month working on the tilemap system. It now has a lot more layer restrictions which prevents objects from being placed on the wrong layers, prevents certain wall-mounts on windows, prevents all wall-mounts on girders, and many other smaller restrictions.


Light Velox reworked our container system, by adding sizes, volumes, filters, & traits. Sizes range from tiny to huge, you can only put items in a container of equal or smaller size. Volumes are the maximum volume the container can hold (the sum of the volume of all items inside), so a container will not accept additional items if the max volume is reached (this can be disabled for containers like the bluespace backpack, allowing an infinite max volume for the container). Finally, filters are used in conjunction with traits to restrict what items can be contained in certain containers. The traits (snacks, alcohol, pills, etc) are attached to items, while filters (food, beverages, medication, etc) are attached to containers, and the filters can be used to specifically accept or refuse linked traits.

CosmicCoincidence made mobile containers out of the toolbox, medkit, & cardboard box. The toolbox only accepts tools and the medkit only accepts medications (using the filters & traits mentioned above) for now. These smaller mobile containers are obviously special compared to our other containers as they can be carried and even placed inside larger containers like lockers.

Material Construction

We now have basic material construction courtesy of Alainx277. For now, the player can use metal sheets to build a wall girder or metal table, use the glass sheets to build a glass table, or use the wood planks to build a wood table.

Options Menu

A new options menu added by Goao this month (hit ESC to open/close it). There's not much on this menu yet, but it does make a better home for our round timer and restart button.


Also from Goao (and with help from Alainx277 bug fixing), we now have a consumption interaction for eating and drinking. You can feed yourself as well as others!









A new floor tile item by CosmicCoincidence, which is UV unwrapped in a way to use the floor tile textures we already have.


New this month, NazarDoe added a bunch of missing symbols to our graffiti set, some new warning lines, and a set of amazing runes!

More interaction icons from Konstantin3001, as well as some new thermometers for the UI.


'The Last Brunch' is the name of this month's art piece, as Bug decided to continue the theme of recreating classical art with SS3D assets.


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