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20.04: April 2020 Devblog

Monday, May 4, 2020
Written by: CosmicCoincidence

“They’ve outlawed the No. 1 vegetable on the planet.”

-- Timothy Leary

April Recap

We hope you all had a happy month of 4/20! Not a lot of progress this month due most of us being too high to leave our homes regardless of the quarantines. Just kidding, some of us have just been busier recently, but we're still here! We gotta thank all the new contributors who continue to show up each month, providing momentum for the project. Though there weren't any major changes this month, there were several smaller fixes made by two new individuals.


TheLife implemented a basic interaction distance for construction, to prevent the player from building at an infinite distance. The new build distance is 1.5 meters/tiles. He also fixed some bugs allowing the player to construct various objects over other objects.

PhantomFears repaired an issue in our scene where most of our tiles were offset by the slightest amount (0.01), and while he was at it, fixed our broken round timer.


This month, Eiko decided to make some more console screen animations. The far left one (crew monitor) was his first one which was made many moons ago. The next 4 (supply, slime management, cloning, and security records) are his new ones this month. The final console (cmd) was made by Goao along with the touchpad displays on each of the consoles.

Also from Eiko, a pirate blanket texture.


Basecode is back, providing a deep-fryer, request console, illuminated floors, shuttle floors & windows, and a redesign of our old shuttle engine and compressor. Besides making these new models, he also helped a lot this month cleaning & fixing older models to get them up-to-date, including a bit of organizing.

Goao also made the robotic corgi, I.A.N.

Bug made this gnarly gas mask.


I imagine that many of you can relate to Bug's artwork this month!


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