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20.03: March 2020 Devblog

Friday, April 3, 2020
Written by: CosmicCoincidence

Don't forget what it was like before all this.

March Recap

I hope all you spessman are staying healthy out there, I know I'm trying to. Despite what's all going on in the real world right now we have still made some headway this month, although not as much as we would have liked.

We invested a lot of time into sorting our boards, assets, art, documents, and GitHub project folders, and getting them all parallel with each other, to share the same overall structure. This structure is likely not perfect, as it may still see tweaks as we cross issues we haven't consider further down the line.

For those of you contributing via Unity, you will be happy to hear that we have updated the project's Unity version (from 2019.2.0 to 2019.3.7).


We can finally say we have working doors. At the beginning of the month, Nonanon fixed up an old PR from the previous month by Doobly for it and now we have the basic functionality.


CosmicCoincidence decided to tackle an old issue with our table connections, which was thought to only be an issue with the mesh of the 3D model, ended up discovering some minor errors in the connections script itself as well. After fixing them, tables truly have infinitely smooth connections now!


One of our longest and most consistent contributors is still keeping up great work, this time with a cool animated nuclear warning symbol!


New this month, Halloween came up with this nice little camera film for us.

Bug is back with his cabbages, and also the replica pod plant and replica pod man.

Cosmic submitting some older models he made, these being a fresh take on the airlocks. Including both single and double versions of the glass and non-glass styled airlocks with variants for all the standard departments.

Another returning modeler this month, ComradeCheeki, provided some really nice models many of you will recognize, including donk pockets, shotgun shells, briefcases, folders, and a wooden buckler.

New this month, Basecode has been an absolute workhorse making so many models within such a short time that Cosmic decided it was necessary to implement a slideshow into the website so the blog wouldn't be outrageously long!

Besides doing all the models you see below, he also invested a lot of time cleaning and fixing some old models, most notably walls, windows, and some animals.

1 / 30
Single and Double
2 / 30
Rock / Sand / Dirt / Freezer / Showroom / Circuitry
3 / 30
4 / 30
5 / 30
6 / 30
7 / 30
8 / 30
Wood Chair / Chapel Pew / Shuttle Chair
9 / 30
10 / 30
11 / 30
12 / 30
13 / 30
Meat Spike / Dog Bed / Apiary
14 / 30
Audio Recorder/ Laser Pointer / Mini Fire Extinguisher / Photo
15 / 30
16 / 30
17 / 30
18 / 30
22 / 30
26 / 30
Tacos / Burritos / Nachos / Enchiladas
27 / 30
28 / 30
29 / 30
Candy / Snacks / Chicken Drumsticks & Nuggets / Popcorn & Fries
30 / 30
Cak, the cake cat!
Centcom Airlock
Wall Girders
Window Girders
Shuttle Walls
Machine Frame
Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
Pepper Spray Dispenser
Item Rack
Drying Rack
Other Furniture
Geiger Counter
Spray Bottles
Beverage Containers
Hispanic Food
Pancakes and Waffles
Junk Food


Another month, and another epic wallpaper set by Bug, including both an animated version and still-frame version!


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