Image credit: Goao

19.09: September 2019 Devblog

Sunday, October 6, 2019
Written by: Sunberry

Opening up has paid off, but the fruit still unripe.

September Recap

For our efforts of making it easier for programmers to contribute, we've gained a few lovely new faces. Work continues. Sometimes it almost feels like a struggle on the artistic side looking for models that haven't been finished yet, but we still find ourselves wishing for more programmers.


Excellent WIP from Milly this month; work has begun on a feature-rich chatlog. For all your communications-based multitasking woes, this chatlog is to support multiple tabs, windows, and filters for said windows and tabs. The video puts it better, however.

Moving and Shooting

From LightVelox this month, early implementation of strafe-based movement and an aiming system. This will obviously end up being the base for the shooting system moving forward.


Though not included in the above work, Probably Not has finished up some new directional movement animations and then some.

Lavaland Aesthetics

Bridging the gap between everything else and Eye Candy, Milly has designed some lovely walls and ore walls for Lavaland, accompanied by matching ores and materials.The wall formations have different faces on each side, intended to be rotated randomly to easily mix up the environment to keep the lavaland tiles from looking too uniform.


From Goao, an excellent compilation of items, alongside the diorama for this month's title art.

From Kiwav, a shotgun, some riot armor, and fully rigged solar panels.

From Eiko, delicious canisters and fire, two things that mix surprisingly well.

From CosmicCoincidence, a colorful set of screwdrivers, some tanks, and some angry eggs.


This is our monthly devblog, continuing to serve as legal evidence of our existence, despite the implications that might be inferred from such an action. Come visit us on Discord. Bring a programmer friend. Steal a friend's programmer and drop them off. We would like your programmers, please.

Spookmonth is here, y'all. Our skeletons are at the ready; are yours?