Image credit: Eiko

19.07: July 2019 Devblog

Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Written by: Sunberry

Models, models, models models...

Our model game continues to improve.

July Recap

Modeler's Kit

Courtesy of the diligent Eiko, we now have a 3D modeler's kit, making contributing models literally easier than ever! Contains a Blender 2.8 template file with materials and settings properly set up, so that people stop making models with backface culling disabled or sending stuff in with their normals facing the wrong way, *beep's original SS3D Style Guide, a brand new model formatting guide, a simple character turnaround for designing clothes and equipables, and the original Items-18-2-22b to serve as a collection of example models.


Somewhere between the artistic and technical means of character representations is some beautiful use of a magical thing called shapekeys, which can change aspects of models as the shapekey variables are changed. Here we have two examples of shapekey use: player eye states, and hair/headpiece compatibility.

Not groundbreaking, but a bit of insight on how character customization will work. Not pictured is how shapekeys are used for player body proportion sliders.


Eiko continues to provide significant model contributions despite his other efforts on the project, and I am still certain I don't have all his contributions for the month.

Enclave was inspired to make some of the cultist items this month, as well as some wizard staffs and other miscellaneous station items.

From deBARBA, some birds and a blender, all animated, but not to imply those things should categorically mix.

From Goao this month, a particular interest in instruments, and more.

Finally, we have conveyer belts and the recycler from Milly, and reinforced tiles from Chanoc.


Special thanks to Eiko this month, who did half my job for me while I tried not to writhe in pain.

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