19.04: April 2019 Devblog

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
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Despite being a slow month, continued evidence of our accomplishments continues to prove that we are not dead.

April Recap


Ol’ Singulo is here, complete with containment fields, courtesy of PlayerOne. Experience the horror of a containing an erratic and malevolent force of destruction to power basic utilities.


After the mantle had been left sitting on the floor in a half-finished state months ago, Dyhr has picked up Atmos this month and is bringing it into a state of completion. While it hasn’t reached that completion yet, we’re still inclined to share our progress. Pictured here is nitrogen and oxygen.


As one of the first steps to properly creating a good system for intaking model community submissions, we now have a big list of what models have and haven’t been explicitly accepted into the project. Most of the credit for this one goes to White Eagle, who made the majority of this twenty-something page document of items. Only a fraction of the list is seen here.


From White Eagle, we have cameras. These cameras were going to be for something special, but you will have to wait for the next devblog post for that detail.

From the combined efforts of Konstantin and Sunberry respectively, we have Ian flying into the sun.

Also from Konstantin, our first horizontal poster. You can use it as a desktop background, if you feel so inclined.


We have also very recently changed our leadership in the project, complete with a total restructuring of internal management into a system of teams, with our most competent members at the lead of them.

This is our monthly devblog, here to assure you that we have yet to die. Come visit us on Discord, if you're into that.